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DeCampos produces and delivers worldwide pewter and aluminium decoration pieces.

Working since 1963, João Vieira de Campos, Lda. produces pewter and aluminium decoration pieces.

Nowadays, decoration shops represent the essential target of the company’s commercial network. Our products are demanded by the main specialized stores spread across the portuguese country.

Following the ongoing opening of the market and the general evolution and implementation of marketing and communication policies, we have been developing a very specific skill: the production of exclusive pieces for enterprises.

We produce special gifts, trophies as well as replicas of symbolic pieces that can express the history or the brand image of an organization.

The sale of this kind of products achieves its maximum point at Christmas time, which represents usually the best period of our business’s results. Nowadays, having showrooms in Lisbon and Porto, we easily provide the real access to all the products and services we virtually present in this site.

You are invited to visit the João Vieira de Campos’ exhibitions and international fairs where our pieces can be properly observed. In fact, the material and forms are only revealed in their all components of quality, design and detail when appreciated live.